We know millennials enjoy eating out. In fact, according to the article, They like to win: Millennials driving restaurant spending,1 since early 2015, the restaurant industry has seen an increase in consumers dining out, a trend driven by millennials who “view dining out as a social event.” Millennials like to “customize their meals” and like to know they’re doing things right by ordering foods that “make the world a better place.” Knowing this makes seafood an excellent choice for your menu – especially seafood that has been sustainably raised and has a great story to tell.

We also know that seafood offers many great health benefits, but do millennials know? “Only 23% of millennials have added seafood to their diet to eat more healthily,” and “only 36% of millennials are aware that seafood is good for their heart,” according to results from a Seafood Nutrition Partnership survey published on

So what’s the net net? Restaurants need to educate their waitstaff on the health benefits of their seafood offerings as well as the story behind the seafood source, and communicate this to their younger consumers. How much protein, vitamins and Omega-3s do your seafood items contain? Are they sustainably farm-raised or responsibly wild-caught? Location, location, location! Made in the U.S.A. is good, but not specific enough. Millennials want to know details. What city and state, farm, lake or ocean is that particular species grown or caught in matters to millennials. Educate your waitstaff and prepare them for increase seafood orders.

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