Japanese Buri (Yellow tail) Steak


Yield: 1 serving

½ lb. buri steak
Sugar, pinch
Herb salt, pinch
1 t. olive oil

Method: Remove skin from Buri and season with sugar and herb salt. Use a small amount of olive oil to grill fish slowly and carefully, placing it skin-side down first. Grill over medium to high heat until the fish has a nice grilled colored. Turn the grill off and let the fish continue to cook through using residual heat.

Wine Pairing: Northwest Cellars Intrigue, 2012, Washington
Meaty fish like this tuna steak pair marvelously with red wine. Intrigue is a medium-bodied blend of malbec, merlot and other red grapes, which will pair beautifully with this simple and elegant prep.

Recipe courtesy of Shoku En


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