Maine Lobster Industry Gears up for Peak Season


The Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative (MLMC) is gearing up for another season promoting Maine Lobster as the sweetest, most tender lobster in the world and supporting the industry that is crucial to many residents around the state.

The MLMC focuses the majority of its efforts during the summer and fall months when the catch is at its highest, strategizing around influencing and educating chefs and culinary influencers, media and consumers. The MLMC’s work focuses on four key areas of the industry including sustainability, seasonality, origin and culinary versatility.

Efforts will continue throughout the rest of the year with chef and media trips to Maine, a culinary-focused digital campaign including video and visual content, ongoing media and chef engagement, and robust media and social amplification of National Lobster Day on September 25th – a nationally recognized holiday created by the MLMC to celebrate the season during peak harvest. The MLMC is also working to support marketing efforts overseas by developing educational materials in several different languages.


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