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May/June 2017 Table of Contents

Saucy resurgence
Back-to-roots barbecue is attracting a cult following, and Dr. BBQ has plans to bring a modern twist to Florida.
‘New-aged’ beef
Diners are looking for something new and different, so here are three new ways to get creative with beef.
On the world stage
Chef Corey Siegel, youngest member ever of ACF Team USA, recalls his journey abroad at the 2016 ‘Culinary Olympics.’
Finding your filling
With empanadas on the rise, chefs across the States are filling these traditional Latin snacks with modern flavors.
NRA product showcase
Notable finds from the 98th annual NRA Show in May.

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Industry Voices
As a training to taste victory: ACF Team USA
Chef Reimund Pitz, manager of ACF Culinary Team USA, tells the rigors and rewards of international competition.

Chef Educator Today
Train staff in food-allergy safety
Francine L. Shaw, president of Food Safety Training Solutions, gives a crash-course in food allergen safety.