November/December 2015 Table of Contents

East Coast Chef Redefines a West Coast Institution
Chef Wil Going opens a San Francisco staple across the country.
Finding Your Following
Pastry Chef Cynthia Wong has amassed the admiration of many for her signature desserts.
The Anatomy of a Trend
Cut through the unwanted banter to understand the how and why behind a trend. Is it right for your 2016 menu?
Burger Fever
Satisfying America's obsession with the burger.
Beyond Bottomless
What makes our love affair with brunch so compelling?

Chef Educator
Mastering the Art of Storytelling
Beverage education programs create sales with product storytelling.
Special Diets
With an increase in health-conscious and allergy-treated consumers, chefs are more mindful in the kitchen.

Equipment Solutions
Food Prep Tools Freshen Meals
Get Plugged In to Energy Saving Technology

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