July/August 2015 Publisher's Letter

I'm told that living in the now is the way to go today; that we need to stay in tune with our surroundings in order to stay successful. We're all moving at the speed of light, but we are willing to slow down to occasionally enjoy a hardearned meal and glass of wine. Depending on your age, many of your past experiences have developed into ideas that are not often shared by newer generations of diners. They only know their own experiences, which do not include those of the Golden Age, one of which was service. The overall experience diners have in your restaurant will keep them coming back. If there's a blip in the kitchen, the server and service can most often calm an unhappy diner. Friendly, attentive service is always a winner.

But be careful not to serve a cheap house wine—everyone will remember that.

Dan von Rabenau

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